All-In-One Blade Inspection by Drones Visual Inspection + Lightning Protector + Damage Assessment

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All-in-one Blade Inspection with Drones

  • Automated Visual Inspection
  • Non-contact lightning protector test
  • Highly accurate damage assessment in material

Live3D Patent-Pending Drone Technology

  • Autonomous flight
  • Realtime waypoint generation
  • Reproducible flights
  • Reproducible data and automatic accurate placing of highres pictures on 3D blades
  • 360° coverage of blades
  • Centimeter-Level RTK Accuracy combined with High Accuracy Heading

Substantial time saving conceptually via drone created inspection data

  • Cooperation with Intel for individually adjusted Falcon 8* to Live3D concept
  • Digital workflow for inspection possible

Substantial cost savings by getting better qualified data for digital reports in the workflow for operating companies and service providers

Photo of a fly
Up to 1/100 millimeter resolution
Damages highlighted in the editor
Easy visual inspection tool with damage classification
Text intpu in the editor
Automated report generation
Photo of some of our partners
Presentation on site of Cooperation Partners
Infographic about the workflow
Full digital workflow